What pressures us ? What do we do ? Basically, anything can pressure us from surroundings like hustling lady at our backs in the queue to a person staring at us. Truly, imagine our own crushes staring at us, would we feel like doing something freely ? I do not think so. One suppose to […]

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Can we outrun ourselves ? Can we stop assuming ? Someone once told me: “A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are for.” So basically a foolish captain shall grab the wheel and sail, though he would not know it is impossible. I trust people think sailing further away from […]

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Thus heart beats loud, but sickness is like glue. True love is found, reminds me of damn blue. Let our dreams burn, I cough blood of fears. Let everything to ashes turn, it turns into a flood of tears. Similar thoughts, my soul is eternal. Familiar spots, my body’s infernal. Memories fade, greet my lifeless […]

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What if I forgotten everything I have experianced ? Some might think it is normal to forget something aging on, but nobody really is keen on pondering what if ? Imagine yourself not recognizing your cousin or your sister or your closest friend. Imagine yourself if you forgotten where have you been living before and you […]

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Who knows what truth is ? How does one prove it ? Who is a friend and who is an enemy ? Sometimes they look the same to me, but looks can be pleasing, yet so deceiving. Sweet words from a serpent’s tongue it is like playing with a loaded gun. I can swear many […]

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Can humanity stand together for once ? I do believe there are a lot of like-minded people. I fear to step up no less than all of you who doubt. What a poisonous word – doubt. Doubts are mothers and they give birth to fears. Although if it does not give birth successfully it yet affects […]

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Truth // Trust

What truth we are talking about ? How does one trust ? Firstly both men and women are fools. Neither one or another is greater. Secondary the only thing to figure out is whether the person fights the same fight you do. Why should one fill up his mind with shit ? The problem is […]

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