We never really understood how big of an impact our acquaintances are to us and only once we lose them when we stop seeing them when they are not around anymore, we start regretting not taking the advantage of each opportunity we had before to interact with them.

How many thoughts we throw over our shoulders and not talking them out to the people we want to. How many sentences we swallow instead of saying out loud. How many actions we have thought of are crossed off of our “to do” list once we get the chance to act. What are we so afraid of? Rejection? Oh yes. It’s just what it is, is it not?

Why don’t we just let it all out what we have in mind expressing all our deepest wishes? I should. I shall. I must. Only by opening our own doors wide open we can expect the same in return. We need to reach the finish line. One thought leads to an action. An action leads to the end. And the end leads to the salvation. That salvation can be our mortuary either another shot fired from a revolver indicating a new beginning.

Every action that we think of is pushed by will. The very moment we start to willingly act, our will becomes stronger and to others even if they cannot really physically see it – it’s there. Our indomitable will. Crossing one action to be done out we take up another which leads to a great progress no matter the direction and it means moving forward whether it shall be disappointing or uplifting.

I am taking up this task. I am willing to get this reward. The reward of indomitable will. Will that is without a doubt solid strength one could possibly have. Take up this task. Willingly interact with the people or activities you wish to interact. Say everything you want to the person not only in your mind but in the eye the very first opportunity you get. Hug the person not only in your mind but the very moment you feel like doing so. Kiss the person not only in your mind but the very moment the atmosphere seems right.

Hard it is, oh yes I know, but only like this, we shall get our question marks changed into the dots or… perhaps a comma.

Spread honest love, be it friendly or intimate.

Connection it is what we seek for.

I crave for love. I make love.

I do, love.



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