“I’m different.”

It was the first thought when I woke up that soggy Friday back in 2016 January. I felt no difference physically, yet morally was something not in place. I was not sure if it was the exhaustion stalking me since New Year’s night or was it this heavy feeling weighing my mushroom consistency within the skull. What I understood was that it does not really matter who I would be spending time with, yet what does matter is how strong the connection is with whoever I am spending my time.

Tough year it has been, no doubt. I have lost too many, I have found few but content.

I evaluated each and everyone close to me. The result was obviously not the quantity, but the satisfying quality. To realise what I know today back then was truly unfortunate. Since my understanding of unity was a tad different, accepting my new perspective was delicate.


We are all humans and just humans, neither better nor worse. Equally human. We might have differences in how do we feel about a certain situation, but our love is either restricted by our own assumptions and expectations either some external circumstances. It is – okay – to be attractive to a mind and not the looks. It is – okay – to be attractive to the looks and not the mind.

But why should we judge? Why should we interfere?

I used to say that everything we have got on our minds supposed to be spoilt – rubbish! It is good to talk out our thoughts, but only in THE perfect time and in THE perfect place. Yet I am not afraid anymore to make a statement that true weakness is love. It makes us strong, yes. But it makes us weak as well. Weak as in being afraid. Everybody’s able to love anybody no matter the looks.

We are only human, one race, one nation.

Do love minds and looks.



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