The Empire of Slaves

Each and everyone is a slave of their own master. They do plan our actions. They release a new law every day and it obnoxiously restricts us from autonomously act however we want. If I unconsciously would like to express myself out loud for being happy around a significant other despite the fact that I am afraid of the reaction, my master forbids that and never lets me out of my cage of laws & order which means I’m living in my own world of fantasy and all the reality I wish to have is only lived throughout the dreams.

How come a decent human being is so afraid of failures, whilst we still act normally afterwards being mistaken? A brilliant example of children it is, how they communicate with other same age friends. Embarrassment is not the barrier there to rise after each fall even if it is an actual fall hugging the pavement. They would walk away as if nothing had happened and same with expressions of their deepest feelings. “I love you, all right?” the girl or the boy would be uplifted hearing something like that although adults happen to develop their fear of reaction.

Why is that?

What is that?

It is only our wide imagination of imaginary scenarios we make up in our minds which we relive every second expecting the same to happen in the present moment. Or maybe trying to connect our thoughts with another one’s standing or sitting before you to sort of manipulating their answer to ease ourselves. And to prevent expectations, as a deed to grow in our hearts means hard-working on yourself. And if it is truly a hard challenge¬†try predicting the worst outcome and set your mind to be ready to absorb the incoming heavy feelings. Less expecting, less manipulating, less taking everything personally and more acting and giving.

Take this for granted: everybody has their own perspective and once we have learned to embody ourselves into others to see through their eyes everything turns out to be a bit less than a challenge, trust me. To ease your mind I’m referring to you, reader, it takes both sides to build a bridge as Fredrik Nael once said, so if it was meant to know if the other side is working on it – will be obvious, if not – you did try to connect. Thus it might come out as depressing, the truth is simple once you think of it.



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