The Poem of Songs

In case you didn’t know

I’d rather dance with you.

Only for you I’m chained to the rhythm

All I want is not that simple.

I’m unsteady and it’s alright

Chasing highs, I’m high enough.

Just stand in the light of

High hopes, this could be us.

I’m dying to try

Because first love never die.

Be who you are

Your eyes are calling me in desire.

Hold me and fly away

Don’t wait for another day.

I’m under your spell

So let me raise hell.

This is why I need you

I breathe you in my dreams.

Million reasons to carry you

Through a 1000 nights.

Stand by me, be mine

Don’t you know my type?

The sound of your heart;

This rhythm inside…

Say you love me;

I only wanna be with you.

Sweet lover, marry me;

I’m someone that loves you.

We’re broken together

Hotter than hell.

Feeling the thunder

It’s better than spell.

If you ever want to be in love

And you’re sick of losing soulmates-

Say my name and don’t hold back your love,

Kiss me back whatever it takes.

Don’t let me let you go

Be ready to fight.

I follow wherever you go

You just can’t fight.

Can’t take my eyes off of you

I found madness over blue.

Noise will be noise

And I still want you.

I love you. Always. Forever.

It’s real love plus your endeavour.

I have a hole in my heart –

Surprise me, throw your dart…



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