You cannot blame gravity for falling in love? What if we could?

Imagine we lived in a world where it is all right to blame gravity for falling in love. It might cost humanity some suicidal people out of their embarrassing encountered love bumping and sticking to the person for a short duration of time, but it is fine as long as love turns to be more accessible and open to see than buried deep in our hearts.

Personally, I would transit to such a world to see, hear, feel, just to experience a new definition of gravity. Who would bump into me? Who I would bump into? Or maybe both would bump into each other the very moment our eyes meet up. It would be so cool to jump straight to comforting loving arms pulling one another into a relieving embrace.

Simply identifying who loves me? Sure, take me there!

*Update: shall my dream become a bit easier? Okay! Only people eating each other in their own hearts can possibly bump into each another.

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as though everything is a miracle. Our very own choice of perspective.

Love is a miracle, yet it needs to take good care of killing yesterday to reborn today with a bit more love whether couple fights or not and give a well worth present to encourage patience to wait for tomorrow.

Never expect. Always love.

Even in silence.



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