What pressures us ? What do we do ?

Basically, anything can pressure us from surroundings like hustling lady at our backs in the queue to a person staring at us. Truly, imagine our own crushes staring at us, would we feel like doing something freely ? I do not think so. One suppose to handle such pressure and it is in the heart. That person is experiencing a mixture of feelings, I assume, since it kind of feels nice to be sighted and to higher the hopes it might mean that the person staring at you is attracted to you, but to lower your hopes stalker might think how awful looking you are either just not appreciate your presence.

Overthinking ? I think not. Do not forget to always weigh all the situations and the pressure might fall to its lowest because the expectation is the beginning of all the heartache, is it not ? Getting down with conclusion of being not liked takes off the pressure pretty fast. That is what I do, trust me it is really helpful.

Think of this one though if pressure is really internal, there is no way one cannot control it. Take over the control of pressure, do not let anything truly take over your mind to be driven insane. We are able to control anything really, all we need is the indomitable will.

How am I suppose to stare back when I do not have that will ?

I cannot give without trust.



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