What if I forgotten everything I have experianced ?

Some might think it is normal to forget something aging on, but nobody really is keen on pondering what if ? Imagine yourself not recognizing your cousin or your sister or your closest friend. Imagine yourself if you forgotten where have you been living before and you are in the middle of one huge confusing park. Personally I would cry.

And one day I will forget everything. I will not know where do I live, I will not know how to cook, or where is the toilet, I will not recognize people that I knew before, I will not recognize even the closest ones, I will forget everything that made me thrive in this damned world. So even if I do get lost in my own mind, even if my brains decide to delete my memory I trust that I will not be abandoned by the ones I will not recognize, with the things I will not be familiar anymore.

Thus hereby I declare no matter what plans tomorrow might bring me I will expand my orbit of actions to make everyday count, because all I truly have is right now. That is why I am driven by my impulsive decisions. If suddenly an idea popped into my head I will not hesitate to pursue the idea to be done, at least I would not think too much.

Save your memories by taking photographs they will be the only source to remind us what we did when we will be losing memory.



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