Who knows what truth is ? How does one prove it ?

Who is a friend and who is an enemy ? Sometimes they look the same to me, but looks can be pleasing, yet so deceiving. Sweet words from a serpent’s tongue it is like playing with a loaded gun. I can swear many pawns locks their questioning eyes on me. Over many questions not one is true, yet playing an important part.

If you are one of those people with locked eyes on me, come a little closer and become my soldier. Take commands and obey them, think like a machine or judge me by my strategical moves and only then make up your mind who am I truly without any conspiracies. Be you promoted or be you demoted it is all about understanding your place in the ranks.

It is easy to give out a gun and let you go for a kiling spree in the streets shooting empty bullets, yet none do really reach the destination. My wall is high and thick and has only one steel and marble gates which is heavily guarded. No one passes it and no one will, unless you prepared a well designed C4 to bomb the gates out to enter my Castle of Solitude and Fear.

Once you enter, you must be enlightened. Let the Eleven Dragonflies guide us all in our tough and rewarding paths no matter you are an enemy or a friend.

Honor Yourself. Be True with Yourself.



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