Can humanity stand together for once ?

I do believe there are a lot of like-minded people. I fear to step up no less than all of you who doubt. What a poisonous word – doubt. Doubts are mothers and they give birth to fears. Although if it does not give birth successfully it yet affects your vision over one main road to one and only goal we all will ever have in common and it is Happiness.

Alright then, alone I would reach the main road faster, yet happiness would not last long, but if I was joined by others happiness would be everlasting, yet takes longer to be reached. Same with a kilogramme of steel and a kilogramme of feathers just this time magically feathers would be heavier by the unity of people.

Therefore do not despair if you walk alone, you are just one of those yet not being affiliated with anybody. But wherever we go, we suppose to go with all our hearts because only then people passing us will turn to walk with us. Everybody at the beginning is alone, but beginning is the best place to be at.

The beginning of everything ends up in unity.



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