Truth // Trust

What truth we are talking about ? How does one trust ?

Firstly both men and women are fools. Neither one or another is greater. Secondary the only thing to figure out is whether the person fights the same fight you do. Why should one fill up his mind with shit ? The problem is that people are generally being hated when they are real and loved for being fake, so where do this damned waterfall of shit begins ?

Honestly, it all begins with trust. How does one not trust another if he have not tried. It does not matter what others talk about me behind my back. I am even glad they do, because that makes others ponder much more about me.

And whether the talks were bad or good they make me trust myself more and stand my ground fearlessly. Words do hurt, but to scratch a stone, come on ! You suppose to be a fool to literally believe in hurting me by a word or two.

And afterall not always shit runs like waterfalls. Sometimes it turns chocolate and flatters me when people comes to meet me with honest questions out of “get to know” list. Truth always is victorious in the end.

I always was digging for truth, I still am digging for truth and I will be.

Though I have never trusted another 100%.

And I do not believe I ever will be..



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