What is it that we lack ? What do our eyes miss ?

Eventually humans corrupt, they can be discolored by other humans. And humans living together strangle themselves by discoloring one another. Earth was touched by a bloody hand which cut off kindness and caused flowers to wither and die. And death is considerably fast while The Earth was born billions of years ago. What a crumbling world we are living in. We seek power and wisdom, though forget goodness and kindness. If only we have said everything we wanted to whoever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

And each day we corrupt a bit not saying what we want and now I recall a friend telling me something: “Be a weirdo or just random like being home with the closest friends, yawn and fart in your natural way in front of any audience and believe it or not, but one out of each audience will mentally want to hug you and get to know you.”

That is how a corrupted one is clarified from that dark and shitty mask of fears.

I trust we can live in peace, love and harmony.



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