Nights with you I want you to Be my love The way you do.. Trace the light In the darkest corner Cure the heart Of the most violent ruler Reach the mind Through the thickest armor I’m the one Just be my charmer.. I pay my dues But I’m down in the bottom A chainsmoker […]

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We never really understood how big of an impact our acquaintances are to us and only once we lose them when we stop seeing them when they are not around anymore, we start regretting not taking the advantage of each opportunity we had before to interact with them. How many thoughts we throw over our shoulders […]

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“I’m different.” It was the first thought when I woke up that soggy Friday back in 2016 January. I felt no difference physically, yet morally was something not in place. I was not sure if it was the exhaustion stalking me since New Year’s night or was it this heavy feeling weighing my mushroom consistency […]

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The Empire of Slaves

Each and everyone is a slave of their own master. They do plan our actions. They release a new law every day and it obnoxiously restricts us from autonomously act however we want. If I unconsciously would like to express myself out loud for being happy around a significant other despite the fact that I […]

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Open Your Eyes

As if this was the last time I looked straight to your eyes full of galaxies. As if this was the last time I sat with you on the bench full of hours. As if this was the last time I cheered for your victory full of blood. I surrender.. Check.. As if we talked […]

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The Poem of Songs

In case you didn’t know I’d rather dance with you. Only for you I’m chained to the rhythm All I want is not that simple. I’m unsteady and it’s alright Chasing highs, I’m high enough. Just stand in the light of High hopes, this could be us. I’m dying to try Because first love never […]

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Poem #2

I saw you flying in the sky It was the most brilliant sight. Your thoughts were my challenge to catch You and I, we’re just a perfect match. It’s your soul that drives me Wouldn’t you agree? The smile you gave me that night Was the victory upon my fright. My soul knows your face […]

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